Saturday, March 24, 2012

MOPS Devotional - My story of learning patience and raising a child with autism

So, I was given the opportunity to speak at my MOPS these past two weeks. I had thought of posting my devotional to the blog for people to read but then I thought it would mean more if I actually read it. Probably could have touched up the make-up and worn a more flattering shirt but you know it's late, I'm pregnant and... whatever :)
Obviously, this is from my point of you and while it may seem at certain points when I am talking like I  have low hopes for Leila's future this is just NOT true. Chris and I have every hope and belief that Leila will grow to be an independent, beautiful, smart, confident young woman. Her speech and eye contact continue to improve and she has recently shown great interest in copying and wanting to be with/follow Lucy. Lucy does not know what to make of this exactly and it's been a struggle to explain to Lucy that this is what little sisters do... bug their big sisters. Lucy's response was "Oh, I didn't know that" well she is getting a crash course in it now!! I suggested she call and talk to my older sister Alisha and ask her what it is like and she said that was okay she didn't need to call :)
We are 21 weeks pregnant now with a third girl and everything else is going well. We are looking forward to suprising the girls with a trip to Disney Land next week and enjoying the parks through their eyes.

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