Monday, November 1, 2010

Leila is starting to communicate

Over the past two weeks Leila has shown significant improvement in her communication with us. Now, when Leila wants something she points to it and says "look". So, for example, at dinner tonight Leila wanted to sit in Chris's lap. When Leila got into his lap she then pointed to her plate across the table and said "look" so we handed it to her and she was happy. So, we'll take it! She also communicated "open" last night while trick-or-treating. She kept handing me her lolly pop and saying "pen" I finally figured out that she was saying "open" just pronouncing the "o" very quietly. I guess it's because of the way I say it to her... I tend to emphasize the end of words I guess. The last word she's communicating is "more" she shows us the sign for "more" and sometimes says it. Her favorite book right now is Good Night Dinosaur so when I told her we were all done she signed "more" to get the book back. So, of course I gave it to her :)I am trying my best to emphasize using sign language with Leila. Every word I say I use a sign if I can. Like: "more", "up", "all done", "help", "open", "food", "drink", "please", "thank you".

What would seem minor to some people these are HUGE steps forward for us. You know, the best example I can give of a HUGE step happened last Thursday when we were at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers... put on by a church here in Livermore and the Mom's go into one room and are fed breakfast, have a speaker, and then either a craft or discussion while the kids are in childcare - it's really awesome) we dropped Lucy off at her class and Leila got upset and didn't understand that she was going to a separate classroom. I managed to get her over there and once she calmed down she walked into her classroom, waved and said "hi". So awesome, I almost cried (well I got teary eyed). That was the first time she has ever done something like that.

We had a great Halloween. Lucy's preschool had a carnival Friday that Leila got to go to and she went nuts running around the building. Saturday Chris and I had an adult party to go to and Sunday night we had a kid party to go to. Lucy is of course a pro at trick or treating and once Leila figured out that she got a treat every time she walked up to a house she got the hang of it. Who can resist a little clown just standing there staring at you?? There were a lot of other two year-olds at the party too so it was good for Leila to be exposed to kids her age. It's amazing the differences. These kids are speaking in sentences and I'm happy about Leila saying "hi". I really hope that Leila can soon speak to me the same way the other two year-olds where talking to their Moms. You never realize how important communication or just speech is until your child can't do it. I think I totally took advantage of how articulate Lucy was at this age! It makes me appreciate and cherish all the little ways Leila is growing and improving.

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